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Industrial Engineering

What is known as industrial, technical or specialist translation is a vast field, since each business sector actually uses its own special terminology and technical descriptions and names often have a long and constantly evolving history. In this way, field-specific or indeed, company-specific vocabulary or phraseology develops

So, translating into a particular technical field requires a thorough knowledge of the field in question, as well as linguistic skills. A specialist translator must be able to manage specialist bilingual or multilingual terminologies and demonstrate good editorial skills. Atom e-City adheres to the following linguistic practices: we continually update and develop a bilingual or multilingual database which is tailored to each individual customer.

Translators who work for us have proven technical skills in the relevant field. They understand the general organisation of the business sector, they know how to look for terminology and documents and are well-versed in resolving the problems encountered in the translation of documents of a technical nature. Finally, they know how to reproduce the technical style. We may also be required to consult with the relevant specialists in order to ensure that the translation is tailored as closely as possible to the requirements of the end user.

  • Renault Sport Technologies
    Data sheet for two-wheelers
  • BASF Coatings - Division RM Paint
    Technical brochures
  • Exxon-Mobil
    Corporate communication
  • BP
    Corporate communication

  • Corporate communication
    Technical brochures

  • Marketing communication, data sheets, quotations, specifications
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